Talaiots Capocorb Vell


The prehistoric village of Capocorb Vell is one of the main ones in Mallorca and was one of the largest.Nowdays there remain five talayots in it (two square ones and three circular ones) and 28 dwellings.The village stretched much futher towards the N. E. (in Majorcan, Gregal) and was studied by the archaeologists L. Ch. Watelin and Albert Mayr, the former a Frenchman and the latter a German, but the first scientific digs were carried out in the decade between 1910 and 1920 by the great archaeologist Josep Colominas Roca, in whose name a monolith has been erected in the same village, thanks to the patronage of another illustrius prehistorian, Luis Pericot, the pride of Spanish archaelogy. Josep Colominas carried out the dig on the instructions of the "Institut d'Estudis Catalans".

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Located in
MA 6014, Km 23
Llucmajor, Mallorca.
Balearic Islands, Spain.


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